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FOX News
Jan 11, 2013 12:00am PST
is they are on to you. everybody knows that every athlete in the country is using. >> i think mike piazza didn't get in because his name looks like pizza and every time you see his name you want pizza and you don't got it. >> but everybody loves pizza so if you love pizza you should love him. >> but every time you see it you want pizza. >> and would use a fork. >> he should send a pizza to every one of the writers voting and as they eat it think of piazza. jay he gets tired of the piazza and poohy swraw ties and the thought that you are even talking about this makes him sick. >> you know who would have interesting thoughts is pete rose. i saw him earlier this morning and he said he has a reality show coming on tbs later this season. he said that five times. >> so he is really invested in this. >> apparently 8:00. >> and it is called "coming up roses." >> i bet it fails? >> what? >> do we have time for the third story? all right, from the hall to a fall. will he tell oprah about the dopra? lance armstrong is giving his first tv interview since being stripped of his tour de dprans titles and it is to
Jan 9, 2013 6:00pm EST
.5%. >> what about mike piazza, the catcher? he was on there, too wasn't he? >> i don't know if piazza was on there. how could they keep him out? >> a good point that piazza did not get in he was one of the most prolific offense -- >> i didn't know you were a big baseball guy like that >> i'm not. >> you caught me a little off guard. >> you know that. >> impressive. >> coming up, a dog that looks like a lion. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents on their own are fantastic but add some sauce, pepperoni and cheese and fold up the crescent dough...and presto! tuesday night just became crescent pizza pocket-tastic pillsbury crescents. let the making begin here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. >>> coming up on news411:00, a find inside a goodwill store, the donation for sale that could fetch $20,000. >>> the national cathedral gives its blessing to officiate same-sex marriager is mopes. >>> as rg3 recovers from surge ray local te
Jan 11, 2013 4:00am PST
don't play ground. >> >> or the fisherman or the piazza that i look forward to work with angela to lobby the mayor to adequately fund it. there are special quarters that come from the community that are represented tonight and i am happy to come and raise a glass to all of you and look forward to cel celebrating the italian. >> american history. thank you. >> good evening. i am verna patty. i am coming from congresswoman pelosi's office. she is celebrating in washington dc the italian culture with the minister. "dr. friends greetings as you. >> >> gather in san francisco to celebrate italian culture in the united states. thank you for the opportunity to join so many friends, guests and dignitaries with fellow italian americans to bring the celebrations. the celebration is more of a celebration in art and music, fashion and design, literature and architecture. it is reaffirmation of the enduring bonds between the united states and italy and tribute to our history as partners and allies and marker of our shared value and heritage. our ties are embedded in the very root of
Comedy Central
Jan 10, 2013 11:00pm PST
thing he is juicing is carrots, april eves and ceal. -- kale. what about mike piazza? put a man in the hall of fame! for more on this historic hall of fame shutout we good to john oliver. where are you right now? i'm at the home of slugger but refuted steroid user sammy sosa. >> jon: how did he take the news? >> not terribly well. he left the house visibly upset. take a look for yourself, john. look. >> jon: oh, wow. >> jon: yeah. that appears to be a sammy sosa shaped hole in the wall. >> he is pissed, john. >> jon: al is out in barry bond's hometown in san francisco and al's hometown as well. >> sure is, jon. great city. what is going on. >> barry is pretty upset. [ laughter ] >> jon: yeah, um, that was hours ago, al when the news came in. he is still upset? >> ah -- it's going to be a long night. [ laughter ] >> jon: samantha bee is in texas clemens country, sam, is clemens angry in the same way that we've seen the other -- >> clemens is sleeping. the real monsters were the men who shot him down off the building. he meant no harm. sure, he was a hideously oversized farm can a
Jan 10, 2013 2:30am PST
? >> maybe jeff bagwell or mike piazza. >> educated me this morning. thanks, mike. >>> let's turn to the nba, where carmelo anthony's off-court confrontation with kevin garnett has earned him a one-game suspension. anthony waited for garnett near the celtics locker room and then near the team bus. >>> knicks/celtics meet again in boston two weeks from today. >>> more from the nba the lakers without pa ga sol and dwight howard trying to stop a four-game skid in san antonio, good luck with. third quarter, lakers down 13, kobe bryant scored 25 in the game. still in the third quarter, kobe drives, acrobatic circus shot, this was a 9-0 run for the lakers. kobe off the rim, miss. three seconds left. no. the lakers have now lost a season-high five straight games. >>> while the lakers have struggled l.a.'s other team the best team the clippers, they beat the mavs last night. they have the nba's best record, 28-6. >>> coming up at top of the hour on "morning joe" -- president obama taps a veteran to head up the treasury department in his second term. what jack lew's nomination means. >>> a when we co
Jan 9, 2013 7:00pm EST
of america selected no one to the hall of fame. roger clemens, sammy sosa, mike piazza all shut out. many of those players were implicated in the steroid scandal. should barry bonds ever get into baseball's prestigious shrine? you might want to send me an e mail about it. >>> some high-profile entertainers will be take part in the presidential inauguration. beyonce is to sing the national anthem. kelly clarkson will perform "my country 'tis of thee," and president obama had a hand in select those performers. >>> let's take a live look outside. temperatures are finally starting to dip after a pretty balmy day. attorney will be here after the break with a look at the forecasts. plus -- >>> is there any way to stop gridlock for hours on the key bridge after someone threatens to jump? i'm surae chinn. that story coming up. >>> one person's very bad day can cause a ripple effect and get commuters enraged. that's what happened last night. police coaxed a person who had threatened to jump off the bridge to come back down. but as surae chinn reports, by then everybody had been sting traffic for h
Jan 14, 2013 1:00am PST
the test. let's talk about bigio, piazza, jack morris. >> there were others on the ballot, mike piazza, craig bigio, long-time second baseman and curt schilling who helped the red sox win the world series in 2004, 2007, the fact that they got shut out, doe that surprise you? >> it does. at least one of them should go in there. i wonder if what happened is did all the writers say there's too many guys connected to steroids, let's not put anybody in. listen, craig bigio got 3061 hits. he is the first player that was on the ballot for the first time, didn't make the hall of fame, since 1945. that's how long that's been, okay? there hasn't been anybody going to the hall of fame since 1996. so that's strange too. and i just -- we've got friends in cooperstown that own stores and they really rely on cooperstown week to survive for the whole year, and we just wonder what's going to happen with those people with no induction. >> while i have you here, can we talk about lance armstrong, speaking of performance enhancing drugs? what do you make of his situation. >> well, lance is a little bit li
Jan 9, 2013 5:00pm PST
piazza. >> i want to applaud richard for making those votes. the baseball hall of fame seems to be senting the message that the 1990s just didn't happen. and the baseball hall of fame bills itself of being a museum. there were tons who paid before 1947 when the leagues were all white. there are players in the hall of fame who played in the 1960s when amphetamines were described being in the locker room like they weren't m & then you have people like bonds and clemens who have legal ramifications with performance-enhancing drugs surrounding them and then piazza whose only crime was he had acne on his back when he was in the locker room. and then poor craig biggio who would have been the first person to go in the hall of fame as a houston astro, his crime is that shared a crime with jeff balance bagwell where people said something happened. >> john: there is a whiff of hypocrisy about it when you consider all the memory of speed freaks who made the game great. do you get a sense that bonds and clemens will get in next year and this vote may have been a way for writers to
Jan 9, 2013 12:00pm PST
and clemens. what's unfortunate is mike piazza was tainted with the same brush. he is the hittingest catcher in all time history. one of my favorites as a mets fan. all around good guy, charitable guy. really good at a tough position. and a great clubhouse presence from everything that you hear about him. and he's not going to get in this year. i hope he will in future years, but guiltily association. there was nothing but innuendo around him for years and no proof of it. >> look. i'm a little suspicious. i think this is a situation that lends itself to easy moralizing. i'm suspicious of it. i want to look critically. no, keep piazza out and bonds out. i think in -- i think bonds is the most extreme obvious a case we have from the steroids era. others require a little bit more context. i think the smartest thing to do and it's wise to wait a couple years with these guys. i don't think maybe let bonds in this year. let's see how the steroid era looks and what we know about performance enhancing drug. what we know about the steroid era a few years from now. >> because in a few years it will lo
Jan 9, 2013 7:00am PST
of -- barry bonds and other players. also under contribution mike piazza, coverage biggio and curt shill -- consideration, mike piazza yo, craig biggio and curt schilling. >> every generation is tainted from some way. whether it was segregation or in the '60s or '50s. there's program pant methamphetamine use which is illegal. so maybe you should view this as the tainting of the steroids and maybe we should let them in and let history tell the story down the road. >> reporter: bonds has denied knowingly using performance- enhancing drugs. but he was convicted of one count of justice for giving an evasive answer to a grand jury in 2003 investigating the issue. now, it is possible that no one will get elected into the hall of fame and if that happens, it would only be the second time in more than four dick aid. it might even create a logjam in next year's elections. coming up we'll tell you why this shouldn't fall squarery on baseball players themselves. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. >>> 7:06. sal is back now. boy, the commute is getting heavier and heavier. >> it certai
Jan 13, 2013 7:00pm PST
and piazza and jack morris. >> yeah, that was my next question. let me ask the question, there were others on the ballot, catcher mike piazza as you said, the dodgers and the mets, craig biggio was on there, long time second baseman for the houston astros. and curt schilling. many say he helped the boston red sox win in 2007. the fact that they got shut out, does that surprise you? >> it does. at least one of them should go in there, i wonder if what happened. did all the writers say, there's too many guys connected to steroids, don't put anybody in. that's not fair to those guys. craig biggio was the first player that was on the ballot for the first time that didn't make the hall of fame since 1945. that's how long that's been. and there hasn't been anybody going into the hall of fame since 1996. so that's strange too. we got friendscooperstown that own stores and they rely on cooperstown week to survive for the whole year. we wonder what's going to happen with those people with no induction. >> while i have you here, can we talk about lance armstrong? what do you make of his situation? >
FOX News
Jan 9, 2013 7:00pm PST
the hall of fame, of course, i believe that mike piazza is probably the greatest offensive catcher in the history of baseball, only got over 50%. johnnie bench, the best catcher in the history of baseball, but piazza has the record for catchers as far as offensively. as far as the guys linked to steroids, i didn't have a vote. you know, i don't know how they came up with the percentages that they came up with. i remember the first time mark mcgwire was on the ballot, he got 24% and i was wondering today to see if bonds and clemens and those guys would get in the 50's, because if they got into the 50's means in a couple of years probably make it to the hall of fame, but they're in the 30's, next year as you know, may not know, maddux and kent, glavine, a lot of good nominees for next year, but it's sad because we have a lot of friends in cooperstown who owns kind of thrive on that week, hall of fame week to survive for the year and i don't know what kind of induction weekend it's going to be now because there's he no induction. >> greta: well, jack morris and tim, the only ones that
Jan 9, 2013 6:00pm PST
clemens, sammy sosa, mike piazza. >> all are great player who's otherwise have been shoo ins without steroid autos people asked them to vote in this election. one of the guidelines is supposed to consider sportsman ship. all right? to me, if you cheated that is addressing those issues. i still don't have information about what the whole landscape looked like. to some, the hall of fame is about performance, art did vote for bonds. >> barry bonds deserves to be in the hall of fame. a man who wins seven cy yungz deserves to be now.. >> so many great names, so many questions still unanswered. clearly, baseball has a quandry. >> i suppose we had ins. they figure out a way to conceptualize these players if they admitted it, they can say they were ripe in the game that is one thing this, year we're being asked to put in two guy who's say they never touched the stuff there, is evidence that that is not true. >> so this is a fine line between elections or a very fine line. he was elected, pete rose knows bit. he was not elected. now, we have barry bonds. thank you. >> turning to larry beil. l
Jan 29, 2013 9:00pm EST
, traffic notwithstanding, cross the piazza antinori, and within minutes, arrive at the capella antinori, the antinori family chapel, where they might visit the tomb of alessandro antinori, one of the founders of the dynasty, and perhaps a nod to any number of antinoris buried beneath the chapel floor. if wealth and history can buy you one lasting pleasure, it is convenience. marchese antinori, for instance, commutes by air to his most famous vineyard, tignanello, in the tuscan countryside south of florence. here, the family developed the red wines for which they're famous. at his villa here, this is the view the marchese wakes up to every morning. >> we have the vineyards and the landscape. >> but as the experience with the british partners showed, it's no business for the impatient or for those who have a taste for the quick buck. ten years can pass from the time a new vine is planted until its wine comes to market. >> you have to be patient and to wait until the wine is good enough, the vines are old enough to produce a good wine. >> but it's not all dirt and business. there's that ot
Jan 9, 2013 4:00pm PST
for roger clemens. dinot vote for sammy sosa. i did not vote for mike piazza. >> those are four names linked to the steroid era. >> i don't understand why they won't elect him into the hall of fame. it don't make sense. >> the vote into which no one was elected wrings baseball's former little secret in the shadows, front and center again. lance will yimz wrote the book exposing barry bonds. >> i think baseball never figured out how to process the steroid era. it's awkward for the game and fans this, is more awkwardness. >> and ironic that it has reopened an old wound exposing the worse. >> i think sports should be about fair play. as hokey as that sounds. other guys are the guys that had to play against these guys cheating. how many weren't able to get strike outs or base hits maybe they would have racked up good stats if these guys hadn't cheated to get there. >> coming back live now, on the statue immortalized outside of the ballpark. mark says one of the reasons is that it's too soon to know all facts oféqmnx the steroider. how many players use them, he says he wants more context. there
Jan 9, 2013 9:00pm PST
bonds, i did not vote for clemens or sosa. i did not vote for mike piazza. >> they would have been shoo-ins without steroids. >> they asked us to vote in the election. but we were consider sportsmanship and integrity. if you cheated, that addresses those issues, but i still don't have enough information what the whole landscape looked like. >> to some writers it's about performance. art did vote for bonds. >> barry bonds with the most home runs deserves to be in the hall of fame. a man that won seven cy young deserves to be. >> so many great names, so many questions still unanswered, clearly baseball has a quandary. >> i suppose the way it ends, if they figure out a way to get these players or admitted it. then you could let them in, yes, they used steroids when they were rife in the game. what we were being asked this year is to say they never touched the stuff even though there is evidence that is not true. >> reporter: a controversial fine line between the elections of the hall of fame. tycobb, pete rose knows all about it and now we have barry bonds. >> dan: and another big sports s
Jan 18, 2013 3:00am PST
hall inductions or noninductions, mike piazza really suffered at the hands of everyone else in that circle at the time. he suffered from innuendo about juicing when there was really no proof that he did. yes, i'm sticking up for mike piazza, barnicle. i'm a fan. i'm a huge fan. and i don't know that he'll ever get into the hall. he might. i hope he would. but the sort of ripple effect of these stories goes beyond just the people in your personal life, goes beyond just the press. it goes to people whose entire reputations get impugned because of the actions of a few. >> and yet if you are a sociopath, what you do is block out the feelings of others. and you have such tunnel vision and you basically create your own world and your split world inside your head. that's what was going on for years. in many ways it's a huge pr disaster for armstrong because he comes across as such a robotic, uncaring figure. if he had at least cried or looked as if he was sorry. having watched that -- >> should he not have done it, do you think? >> personally, i think it was a mistake to do it like
Jan 12, 2013 11:00am PST
piazza, the best hitting catcher of all time, curt schilling a playoff hero for the red sox. the reason is simple. the peds did not only impact the candidacies of bonds and clemens, it's impacted the candidacies of everybody from that entire era for the first time this summer, since 1965, there will not be a living inductee into the hall of fame in cooperstown. suffice it to say that ceremony is not going to be very fun. >> no, it's not at all. let me ask you this. these are the same sports writers casting the ballots that i believe back in the day were raving about these particular athletes at the time. i mean, don't you have a problem with that? i think i do. >> well, you know, a lot of people have said that the vote should be taken away from the sports writers. >> that's sort of what i'm getting at here. should we change the system? should we just -- it's got to go into somebody else's hands to decide? >> first, i think this is only a one-year blip. i don't think we'll see shutouts for years to come especially as candidates like greg maddux and tom glavine hit the ballot in the comin
Jan 9, 2013 7:00pm EST
of fame. they mentioned craig biggio, and jeff morris, jeff bagwell, mike piazza tim raines, and lee smith. they need 75% to get into the hall of fame, roger clemens, barry bonds, roger clemens won seven cy young awards, barry bonds won seven awards. mark mcgwire, less than 17%, sammy sosa, 12.5%, rafael palmeiro, almost all of them would be first ballot hall of famers. this is only the third time since 1961, it's pretty shocking and it is kind of an overall indictment on an entire era of our national pass time. >> have any of these stars fessed up to their steroid use? have any of them to this day come clean? >> well, when it comes to barry bonds, he says he never knowingly took steroids. clemens has been steadfast that he is innocent. and i always equate this to the lance armstrong debate. and we get into this with mr. verducci who is a great baseball reporter and historian, the evidence is overwhelming, the longer they don't tell the truth, the harder it is for these people to live good lives, actually. >> getting honest with yourself. brian, stick around with me. stay with me on this.
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 61 (some duplicates have been removed)